Our members are not forgotten.
God Bless you and keep you until we meet again.


Max Wentzel
Longtime Past Member RTNY3
February 24, 2018


Ken Gross
Board Member RTNY3
May 25, 2017


Spiro Tsaganeas
Longtime Past Member RTNY3
August 2, 2016


Bruno Signa
Canine Member RTNY3
June 15, 2015


Ann Allison
Member RTNY3
February 24, 2014


William "Bill" Whiteley
Member RTNY3, Gold Star Father and husband to Tes Whiteley
January 7, 2014


Teresa "Tes" Whiteley
Gold Star Mother and Member RTNY3
October 31, 2013


Ric Keeley
Past President RTNY3
August 18, 2012


Mary Crusie
Gold Star Mother and Member RTNY3
June 8, 2012


Jack Kinchela
Member RTNY3
June 6, 2012


Ken Thomas
Member RTNY3
December 8, 2010


Ed Horvat
Member RTNY3
October 10, 2010


Jay Casale
Member RTNY3
June 6, 2010


John Walls
Member RTNY3
November 11, 2007


Tony "Axeman" Schembri
Co-Founder and Member RTNY3
October 6, 2005


Paul DeVito
Past Vice President and Founding Member RTNY3
October 24, 2000


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