Gold Star Mothers are mothers that have lost a son or daughter who was in service to our country. We are honored and proud to have these wonderful Mothers as members of our chapter. God Bless them and all they do!


2013 From left to right: Debbie von Ronn, Renate DeAngelis, Vivian Allen, Nadia Cadavero


SGT Kenneth Von Ronn
KIA January 6, 2005
Baghdad, Iraq

ET2 Christopher DeAngelis
KIA May 17, 1987
USS Stark Persian Gulf

1st LT Louis Allen
June 8, 2005
Tikrit, Iraq

SGT Jonathan Cadavero
KIA February 27, 2007
Baghdad, Iraq


2016: Donna Yurista

2010: Mary Crusie

2013: Teresa Whiteley


Marine Cpt Trevor Yurista
KIA October 27, 2008
Zad, Afghanistan

PFC William Crusie Jr
KIA June 6th, 1969

LCPL Wayne A. Whiteley
KIA January 6, 1968
Thua Thien, So Vietnam



Gold Star Memorial Statue

Gold Star Mothers Tears


On July 2, 2006, at Veterans Park in Kent, New York, The Gold Star Memorial Statue was unveiled before Gold Star Mothers from several states and many dignitaries. The customary applause did not happen at the moment of unveiling. Three minutes of silence was broken by staggered sobs and sighs. The smiles on the tear streaked faces of the Gold Star Mothers gave testimony that the project was worth the four years of effort on the part of so many.

Andrew Chernak's design was of a WWII mother for two reasons. First, it would eliminate discussion whether or not the statue would be a Vietnam, Korea, or current day mother. Secondly, WWII saw the greatest number of Gold Star Mothers. The statue would be of a mother, tears flowing, looking off to memories of her child. Grief stricken and unsteady, she braces herself with one hand on a plant stand at her side. The hand grasps the Western Union telegram read with disbelief a moment before. The table top has a photo of a serviceman and a flower pot knocked to its side, teetering at the table’s edge.



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