If you would like to know more about us and what we do, please join us at one of our Monthly meetings which are held the first Monday of every month at 7 PM at the American Legion, 1169 Union Avenue, Newburgh, NY. If you are interested in becoming a member, or junior member, applications are available at our Monthly meetings.

If you have not visited our Photo Gallery yet, please do and see past Rolling Thunder events.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you,

Mary Lewis
Email: Secretary@rtnych3.com

We have provided a link to the full Rolling Thunder Constitution (revised November 3, 2018). The Constitution should be reviewed by all members: Constitution

The following contains some information from the constitution:

  Dues will be set at $30.00 per year per member with $20.00 going to National. All membership patches will come from National.

To be a member in good standing one must make not less than 5 Meetings and 5 events per year. If meetings are a problem because of work; one must donate time to help organize a run, parade, fund raiser and/or speak at schools each year. Failure to comply with this bylaw may result in termination from the chapter.

All members will receive a Rolling Thunder® Membership Boot patch (from their Chapter) when they become a full member at the end of a 120-day trial period. If a member meets his/her obligations before the 120 days are up they are entitled to receive their Boot patch no earlier than 90 days, provided they meet all other (loyalty and conduct) requirements. A new member must make 5 meetings or events, or a combination thereof, during the 120-day trial period to become a full member. Anyone who joins and does not meet his/her obligation will be terminated from this organization.

After a member completes his/her first year (from the day they receive their boot patch) as a member in good standing then they will be issued the Eagle & Rocker. As of November 1, 2010 all new members, of existing Rolling Thunder Chapters, are required to put up a $150.00 patch deposit. A $50.00 boot patch deposit is required before you receive the boot patch. Before any member receives their back patch they must pay the balance of $100.00 patch deposit totaling $150.00. National will hold all new members deposits on patches as of November 1, 2010. Any patch deposits that are collected by the chapters prior to the above date will remain with the chapter. No interest will be paid on deposit money. All deposits will be returned when a member’s patches are returned. Membership patches are the property of Rolling Thunder National.

Any member who passes away can be buried or cremated with their patches. A family member must approve the member being laid to rest with their patches. Any deposit the Chapter has from that member will be returned to the family of the deceased. If a member has a second set of patches they will be returned to the Chapter.

All new members will give Rolling Thunder® National their Social Security number as security for their Organization (Eagle, Rocker & Boot) patch set and $150.00 for each set of patches. Any member who does not want a set of patches does not have to pay a patch deposit and will be a non-patch holder member.

Any Rolling Thunder® member who is a United States Military Veteran is required to provide to their chapter a copy of his/her DD-214 (notice of separation). The DD-214 will be kept on file with the Chapter for the duration of their membership. In case of a transfer between Chapters, it will be sent to the new Chapter. The Chapter will supply a copy of the DD-214 to the family only. Any United States military veteran who does not turn over a copy of his/her DD-214 to their Chapter will not be permitted to display any pins or patches on their Rolling Thunder vest or jacket indicating that he/she is a veteran. The pins/patches are to include, but are not limited to, military awards, decorations, unit patches and armed forces insignia. Non-veteran members may not display aforementioned medals, ribbons, military awards, pins, and or patches, as described, unless designated as “In Memory Of/In Honor Of” or display any U.S. Military medals, ribbons, military awards, pins and/or patches that they did not earn.

Rolling Thunder NY 3 has an “orange work shirt” which new members are required to purchase from the Membership for $10. We also have black formal shirts, berets and baseball caps available for members only.




Any question or comments please contact us at webmaster@rtnych3.com

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